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Useful Work Experience for FBI Agent Hopefuls

The FBI isn't just looking to hire just anybody - they are looking to hire the best of the best (people who have extensive work experience in the field of criminal justice and have excellent problem solving skills). Since there is a myriad of

candidates who seek to become FBI agents, it's likely that you will need more than just a college degree to acquire this special type of government job. With that said, having significant FBI work experience can also show your potential employer that you are familiar with this type of job environment and that you are a highly suitable candidate. Some possible jobs that applicants should consider in order to gain FBI-related work experience are as follows: police officers, detectives, private investigators, certified public accountant (CPA), high-tech security personnel, computer technicians, and even recent military training. Keep in mind that the key to a successful and satisfying career (in any field) has very little to do with your salary; strive to find something you enjoy doing or have a strong passion for, and then do what you can to take advantage of the advice listed below.

What You Can Do: