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FBI Agent Job Description & Duties

The FBI was instituted in 1908 by the Attorney General [Charles Bonaparte] and was first known as the Bureau of Investigation, which was composed of a small task force in charge of conducting the Department of Justice investigations.

Over the years, crime continues to evolve and new threats are introduced daily, causing the FBI to grow at an exponential rate, and now there are over 35,000 people that work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This growing force constitutes a highly effective intelligence agency, largely due to the extensive amount of diverse job positions and personnel. Since the FBI acts as the primary investigative force of the federal government, it has jurisdiction over more than 300 different categories of federal law - meaning they have their hands full of work. In order to keep up with these large demands, the FBI has employed approximately 14,000 special (field) agents and 22,000 specialized staff members. Depending on your specialty and rank, you may have a completely different job description than other agents working in the bureau.

General FBI Agent Job Descriptions: