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Requirements to Become an FBI Special Agent

Starting a career as a special agent of the FBI is one of the most coveted government jobs available. However, due to government spending cuts and rigorous job requirements, acquiring this type of employment can be extremely difficult,

considering that there are thousands of applicants and less than 10% of them ever get hired. In order to even begin the application process, certain guidelines must be met (which are listed below). If you do not meet any of these requirements then you will probably need to go back to school for a college degree or consider a different type of career path. The FBI only wants to hire the best of the best, so more often than not you will need to go above and beyond these basic requirements. In addition to earning one of the desired degrees, seek to learn a foreign language, become an expert with computers (programming & forensics), or at least gain some type of military or relative law enforcement experience - that way you will be able to stand out from other applicants and increase your chances of getting hired.

FBI Minimum Requirements: