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FBI Education Requirements & Suggestions

The FBI may claim that any four year college degree is enough schooling to become an agent, but that doesn't mean that all college degrees are valued the same in their eyes. In fact, the FBI has stated that attaining an educational

background in the field of engineering, computer science, behavioral sciences, business, and information technology highly favors applicants simply because those areas of study are most applicable to the goals and objectives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If your desire is to become a special agent that works in the field (as seen in many popularTV shows and movies), then you would fare better pursuing a higher education in either a foreign language, accounting, computer forensics, law, or possibly criminal justice. Since the FBI primarily deals with conducting investigations and problem solving, it is imperative to master effective study habits and develop strong critical thinking skills which will be applied on a daily basis. Try to work in various group projects throughout your schooling so that you gain invaluable experience working and collaborating with other people, as well as learn how to communicate effectively.

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