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FBI Agent Salary & Benefits

With regard to having a successful working career and a happy life, it really is better to pursue a job that you enjoy doing, rather than taking one that pays more. However, is it too much to ask for both a career you enjoy doing and be able to achieve financial security? Not if you are thinking about becoming an FBI special agent, where the salary for this particular type of job can range anywhere from $60,000/year to over $100,000/year, not to mention the endless list of benefits, including excellent medical benefits, retirement packages, paid vacation, life insurance policies, as well a few other perks.

There are several different factors that determine how much fbi agents can make in any given year. The first factor, your GS rank & step, is determined by the extent of your service, along with any promotions you earn. The longer you work for the FBI, the higher you will move up on the salary ladder. The next factor is availability pay, which is basically a premium for being expected to work overtime withour prior notice, and generally accounts for a 25% premium of your base salary. The last main factor in determining the salary of special agents is locality pay, and that can vary from 12.5% to 29% of your base salary. If you are stationed in a large city such as New York or San Francisco, you can expect to earn the full 29% locality pay. The FBI is one of the most fascinating careers out there and there are more than enough benefits offered to live a comfortable lifestyle. FBI agents who near retirement also have plenty of job opportunities in the private sector field, usually dealing with security and private investigations.

Here are some of the benefits of working for the FBI: