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FBI Physical Training Recommendations

If you are serious about becoming an FBI agent, then you will be serious about getting into shape and visiting the gym on a regular basis. Most of the daily labors for federal agents involve some form of physical activity, including but not

limited to sprinting after fleeing suspects, subduing perpetrators into custody, or search for evidence in spacious areas.If you hope to have any chance at becoming an FBI agent then it is crucial to start getting into shape sooner rather than later so you can perform the physical agility tests ahead of the other candidates.

If you don't consider yourself to be in very good shape, it is advised that you begin your FBI training at least 3-6 months ahead of the testing dates. However, if you consider yourself to already be in good physical shape and your muscles are well-defined, go ahead and start training 1-2 months beforehand. Keep in mind that the FBI physical test can be extremely strenuous and it is recommended that you give your body at least 1 days rest before taking the actual test. Also know that the requirements for female candidates are not as rigorous as they are for males.

What You Can Do: