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Maintain a Spotless Criminal Record

There are only a certain number of things that can keep you from establishing a career as an FBI agent, and leading the list of things is a spotted criminal record. Whether you have been charged with a felony or any form of serious crime, such

as domestic violence, robbery, tax evasion, or fraud, you will have little to no hope of acquiring this type of government job without a clean record. When looking to hire new recruits, the FBI will conduct extensive criminal background checks, including credit checks, student loan checks, interviews with co-workers, previous bosses, old roomates, landlords, school teachers, friends, even close family members, and they may also verify any outstanding academic credentials or awards. The FBI may also use lie-detecting technology when interviewing candidates, so be sure to be pefectly honest with them, no matter how far back or trivial the questions may seem. Strive to live a drug-free life as the Federal Bureau of Investigation has little to no tolerance for people with potential drug or drinking problems, not to mention the temptations involved with seized contraband. Follow the advice below and that should help increase your chances for becoming the next special agent.

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